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Zeitgenƶssische Kunst vermarkten: spielerisch durch Duettos Produkte

Contemporary art marketing

There are many art games available on the market. But almost all of them reflect great artists from the past with world famous art works, that nearly everybody already knows. But why are there no art games from contemporary artists?

Rather simple: no artist and no publisher would take the financial risk to publish a game that possibly only would be sold in very small editions.

The advantage of individuality

At Duettos it is different. Our unique selling proposition is producing single units in high quality for a very reasonable price. We only produce after taking an order. This minimizes the distribution risk for the artist and for us.

How does this work?

You as an artist, define the games you would like to sell. Then you define the number of games of this edition and together with us we define the selling price. Subsequently you will receive one prototype and certificates that you will number and sign per hand. For each item sold, we will add the unique certificate to the game. Like this each game is a unique art work.

Your art Duettos will be provided via our online shop and via your homepage. For each sold item, you will get your share, depending on the selling price.

The Duettos Art Collection project is currently in planning. If you are interested in our project, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We would be thrilled, if you would want to share this innovative idea!