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Duettos Memory game: description of the product

the duettos Photo memory game

Our memory game is a game where players have to find as many pairs as possible.


The Duettos memory game is special because you don’t play with just any cards, you play with your cards. They show your images. Like this the game gets a new dimension and becomes personal!

To what extent you want to personalize your game is up to you. You can design the front and also the back and even the label on the boy should you whish. You even can choose the version of the game: a standard game with two identical cards forming a pair; or do you want to make a pair of two different but related cards; or perhaps a set doesn’t consist of 2 cards but maybe 3 or even 4 cards?

High quality cards and game box

At 65mm x 65mm the cards ar larger than most memory game cards on the market and therefor optimize the presentation of your images. They are made of white card board and are punched, not cut. They have rounded edges and feel nice to play with.

The elegant game box is made of stable white card board. In the box an inlay holds the cards in place so that the game is beautifully presented when you open it.

In addition to the rules of the game, you will recieve a unique certificate giving the date of manufacture and a serial number.

Duettos memory games can be ordered in many different versions! Please take a look and perhaps you might even find a new version!
Here you will find more information about the different versions of the game and you will find a manual that describes how you can choose and format your images to achieve the best result.