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order photo memory, upload images

this is how you order a duettos memory game

Ordering a Duettos memory game is simple.

Step 1 - choose the game size and version

First of all choose the version of the game and choose the amount of playing cards: standard, advanced or extreme with either 36 or 72 playing cards. Please find more information on memory game versions here.

Step 2 - choose the options

If you wish to make your game even more personalized, you can choose to design the back of your cards and your own box label.

Step 3 - upload your images and place your order

The game version together with the options you choose, define which images are needed to make your game. Here you can get more detailed information on how to choose and format your images. First prepare all the images needed before you start the upload. You can both upload your images during order entry or save your order first and upload your images later. In latter case, you will receive an upload code by email. With this code you can upload your images whenever you want.

Duettos Foto Memo bestellen